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In order to treat contaminants from the water to the air phase, air stripping in a packed column is used. The packing provides the necessary surface area for effective treatment. As the water flows down the packed bed air ascends, essentially "stripping" the contaminants and leaving clean water. Philip Ross Industries, Inc. is proud to install systems that are on the cutting edge of technology, always striving for the best possible water quality.

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Philip Ross Industries has completed a large number of swimming pools for various municipalities and private organizations. Not only do we construct pools from the ground up, we have also installed interactive water park play systems, decorative water features, diving boards and slides. Every municipal pool that Philip Ross Industries has installation or rehabilitated has opened up on time for the enjoyment of its residents. We work hard so that you can play hard.

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In order to treat low levels of volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s, a granular activated carbon treatment system is installed. Using carbon to treat the contamination is ideal, as it has the ability to increase surface area, maximizing absorption of the VOC. Philip Ross Industries has been a leader in the field of Granular Activated Carbon Treatment systems (GAC) installations across Long Island working hard for better drinking water quality for residents.

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In order to provide mechanical reliability and reduce corrosion, while controlling process conditions, a chemical injection system is installed. Injecting chemicals has proven to help optimize production, as well as the need for costly interventions. Philip Ross has completed a number of these systems and are proud to ensure the highest performance of your system.

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Philip Ross Industries has completed multi-million dollar wastewater facility upgrades and modifications in accordance with New York State Department of Health and Federal Department of Conservation regulations. Each pump station comes with its own unique challenges but Philip Ross’s experience with a wide variety of equipment helps each project come in on time, and on budget.

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Philip Ross Industries has completed a large amount of restoration projects for various municipalities and private organizations. Philip Ross Industries understands how to restore structures, while bringing them back to their original form and also bringing them up to modern standards with careful procedures and processes in place.

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Nitrates do not have a detectable odor, color, taste or smell, therefore they are not easily discovered within drinking water supplies. Nitrates are nitrogen-oxygen chemical units which combine with various organic and inorganic compounds. A process called “ion exchange” has been a proven effective tool to reduce the levels of nitrates in drinking water. Philip Ross Industries has installed a number of these systems on Long Island with proven success of removing nitrates and keeping Long Islanders healthier.

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